General Terms and Conditions

As related to participation in one or more online (virtual) fairs offered within the international college/student recruitment platform


  1. A signed Registration Form, accepted by the or their representative (hereinafter: the Organizer), together with the General Terms and Conditions, is considered a legally binding Contract between the applicant (hereinafter: the Exhibitor) and the Organizer. operates several online (virtual) college/student recruitment fairs per year in various geographic areas. Each fair and all fairs are collectively referred to as “the Fair”.


Application and Payment


  1. Upon the receipt of a dully signed Registration Form, the Organizer will provide a pro-forma invoice to the Exhibitor, who is responsible for settling the payment, not later than 45 (Forty-five) days before the opening of the Fair. It should be noted that the participation in the Fair and the location of the stand will be guaranteed only upon the receipt of the payment in full.
  2. The submitted application is irrevocable and obliges the Exhibitor, unless cancelled in writing more than 30 days before the opening of the Fair.




  1. If cancellation is made:
    1. Less than 30 but more than 15 days before the opening of the Fair, the Exhibitor is entitled to full refund of the paid sum, minus 10% processing fee.
    2. Less than 15 days before the opening of the Fair, the Exhibitor is not entitled to refund. The Organizer retains the right in such a case to dispose of the exhibition space to his liking.


Stand Location


  1. The Organizer retains the right to:
    1. Allocate stand location to the Exhibitor,
    2. Alter previously designated location, while making appropriate adjustments in the Invoice,
    3. Cancel an already accepted application up to 15 days before opening of the Fair and reimburse all paid up monies.
  2. The Exhibitor cannot transfer the right to use the exhibition stand to a third party without the consent of the Organizer.
  3. The Organizer will inform the Exhibitor of their stand location in the designated exhibition area and will provide a floor plan.
  4. Stand locations are assigned according to Exhibitor-selected package on a “first come, first served” basis. The priority is established according to the date of payment as received by the Organizer.


Stand Setup & Decoration


  1. Exhibitors can “build” and decorate their stands up to 4 (four) weeks prior to opening of the Fair. The Organizer can assist the Exhibitor with decorations and uploads.




  1. Organizer cannot be held liable for Pre-Screening Warranty the content and/or accuracy of information supplied by the Exhibitor.
  2. Organizer cannot be held liable for the content and/or accuracy of information supplied by visitors.


100% Money-Back Guarantee


  1. Organizer promises to perform a thorough and comprehensive matching of visitor-supplied profiles with the Exhibitor’s candidate requirements, (hereinafter: the Ideal Candidate). Organizer does not vet (verify) the visitor data and cannot be held liable for the accuracy contained therein.
  2. Typical requirements that are used in recruitment, candidate profiling and Fair promotion are: age, gender, highest education degree achieved up to date, degree they are seeking, work experience, managerial experience, price range they are ready to pay, financial aid they might need, date of intake (when they would like to start), type of study (full/part time, on/off line).
  3. Organizer reserves the right to limit the guarantee to a maximal Ideal Candidate match ratio of at least 65%. This means that the Exhibitor might see the candidates that do not fit their “ideal” profile, but differ on 1/3 (35%) of the requirements.
  4. Exhibitor should indicate the requirements on which they have some flexibility.
  5. Exhibitor and Organizer agree that the quality and accuracy of visitor-supplied information rests solely with the Visitor.


Marketing Promotion


  1. The Fair will be promoted in and visitors are expected from all countries where the Fair is held and marketed.
  2. To attract qualified visitors, the Organizer undertakes to develop, fund and execute a comprehensive promotional campaign consisting of, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…)
    2. Google AdWords
    3. Ads on education and employment portals
    4. Ads and PR texts on business resources portals
    5. PR texts and news in specialized magazines
    6. Local student portals and organizations
  3. To make the promotion as effective as possible, the Organizer invites the Exhibitors to join forces and create synergy through co-promotion (e.g. joint advertisements, Exhibitors inviting target audience to visit them at their stand at the Fair, promotion on their web sites, radio/TV channels, announce recruitment and Fair “specials”, discounts and promotional and time-limited scholarships and the like.)
  4. The Organizer, as the owner of the intellectual property rights over the name and logo of Online1on1fair™, grants Exhibitor the limited right of use for promotional purposes only. When doing so, the Exhibitor will use standard notations like the“™” or “TM”.


Dispute Resolution


  1. Parties agree to resolve any disputes applying good business practices.
  2. All complaints regarding the exhibition area and/or location must be made in writing exclusively during the Fair.
  3. In case of dispute, the parties accept the real jurisdiction of the court in Los Angeles, California.

Event Organizer

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Tel. +1.424.253.0899

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