Frequently asked questions
I attend physical (“in-person”) recruitment and education fairs. How is an online ("virtual") fair different?

An online fair is very much like a physical fair: exhibitors have booths (stands) that they can decorate and brand. You can display your brochures and roll ups. There are TV screens to run your promotional videos and alumni testimonials. You meet prospective candidates and talk with them. Just like a regular, old-fashioned, “in-person” fair.

Candidates can view your promo videos and download your brochures at any time, even if you are not present at the booth. You can chat with your candidates that meet your criteria and video chat at the time that you schedule.

The main difference is that you save a ton of money and lots of time because neither you nor the candidates do not need to travel. You meet each other with the touch of your fingertips and a click of your mouse.

Online fairs are a relatively new concept in education recruitment. Are you sure that I will get the results I want?

Online fairs were developed for job/employment recruitment over 15 years ago. In the last 5 years or so, online fairs are spreading fast in the education and college recruitment industry as well. Recruiters all around the world are satisfied with the cost-effectiveness, ease of candidate engagement, broader reach and more convenience for both parties.

It appears that the future of job/career/education recruitment is online!

How does a college recruitment online fair work?

An online fair is an event where colleges, business schools, universities and executive placement companies present their program and admission information and engage candidates directly. This is like any other College or Career fair, but without unnecessary travel, expense and time waste. Students and potential candidates can interact with the college representatives online. This interaction may include text and/or video chat and discussion forums..

What is 100% money-back guarantee?

We promise to perform a thorough and comprehensive matching of visitor-supplied profiles with the ​​exhibitor’s candidate requirements. Typical requirements are: age, gender, highest education degree achieved up to date​ or working on​, degree they are seeking, work experience, managerial experience, price range they are ready to pay, financial aid they might need, date of intake (when they would like to start), type of study (full/part time, on/off line). We reserve the right to limit the guarantee to a maximal ​"i​deal​"​ ​c​andidate match ratio of at least 65%. This means that ​an exhibitor might see the candidates that do not ​meet fully their “ideal” profile, but differ on​ not more than​ 1/3 (35%) of the requirements. In that case, you should indicate the requirements on which ​you have some flexibility. Together, we agree that the quality and accuracy of visitor-supplied information rests solely with the ​v​isitor.

How do I interact with potential candidates?

Chat (text only) and Video Chat (video) are built into the booth to facilitate engagement with your clients. These features are integrated in the Online 1-on1 platform as an easy, 1-click action.

Can I participate in the live chat anytime during the online fair?

All fair visitors can visit any booth and inspect all the displayed material while the fair is open, 24 hours/day. Once a registered visitor has found something to his/her particular interest, he/she can contact you in several ways:

  • Send a textual question during the group chat time that the exhibitor has scheduled
  • Request a private, 1-on-1 text chat during exhibitor chat time
  • Request a private, 1-on-1 video chat during exhibitor chat time. Candidate can request the time slot via mailbox. Recruiter has the choice of interaction based on candidate’s profile.
  • Dedicated message sent to recruiter’s mailbox (during the time that no one is manning the booth).

You don't need a Skype account in order to video chat. We use our own dedicated secure video chat one-click technology. Video chat is seamlessly integrated in a virtual booth and is optimized for mobile devices to allow you to connect from anywhere.

What does the online stand look like? What kind of materials could I display?

Whatever you have in a physical, in-person fair, you get in the online fair. You have the booth (stand), the info counter, back wall, place to display your brochures, the roll ups, the TV screen, and the marquee with the school name. And then, all of that gets enhanced on-line. Candidate can download your brochures. He/she can watch your videos even without you being present there. They can send you emails and ask questions. You can talk to them at the time that is convenient for you and that you have selected.

Our exhibitors tell us that they use both textual and video components. You wish to convey your message to your candidates in the most effective ways. Please have a look at the Exhibitor Corner on http://www.online1on1fair.com/exhibitors/.

How much does it cost to exhibit at the Online 1-on-1 fair?

Introductory price for 2018 calendar year is US $2,000. You get a fully functional exhibition booth (stand) where you can promote one academic level. The cost for additional academic levels is $750 per level. An academic level is: undergraduate studies, Master or MSc/MA, MBA, PhD, other.

As an example, if you wish to recruit students for your undergraduate and graduate (Master) programs, the cost would be $2,000 + $750 = $2,750.

What is the registration process for the Online 1-on-1 fair?

Exhibitors can register online on the fair web site for events that you like http://www.online1on1fair.com/#What.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to your Agreement. If unusual circumstances occur, it is possible to carry over your payment for the following fair.

What discounts do you offer?

To celebrate the migration from old-fashioned, physical to the future of on-line recruitment, the Organizer offers 2 (two) kinds of discounts:

  • Early bird discount - 10% OFF
  • Volume discount (two or more fairs within one calendar year) - 10% OFF

Note: above discounts can be combined and added up to a max 20% off.

Do visitors pay an entrance fee?

All visitors enter for free and can browse the fair and explore all exhibitor stands at their convenience. They can engage stand personnel only while they are present on their stands. All exhibitors will post the times when they are available for Chat and/or Video Chat.

How can I help promote the fair?

Promoting your participation in the Online 1-on-1 fair through your digital channels would be very helpful and is highly recommended. We look forward to creative offers for synergistic promotion (e.g. webinars, exclusive seminars, exclusive promotions, discounts and scholarships that you offer, etc.)

What happens if I need assistance in setting up my online stand? Do I get any technical support?

We have a dedicated team of experienced online fair coordinators. They also possess experience in running “in-person” fairs and are thus uniquely qualified to answer all questions that you might have. They can also help you set up and decorate your stand and upload all visuals and collaterals.

Do I need a Skype account?

No, you don't need a Skype account in order to video chat. We use our own dedicated secure video chat 1-click technology. Video chat is seamlessly integrated in a virtual booth and is optimized for mobile devices to allow you to connect from anywhere.

I am a recruiter at a university. Can I promote all of my programs?

Yes, you can promote all programs that your university offers. We have structured our prices according to academic levels, not the number of programs.

I am familiar with virtual fairs. How is online fair different?

Actually, virtual and online fairs are the same. We opted to use word “online” just to avoid a possible confusion since word “virtual” is mostly used in Augmented Reality AR and Virtual Reality VR technology.

Why do you charge for different academic levels?

We engage visitors (i.e. students, candidates) via targeted and separate marketing channels. We promote the Fair differently to undergraduate students and MBA candidates.

Why did you chose these geographic territories to promote the Fair?

We believe that the selected territories are both underserved by international recruiters and are home to a fair number of candidates seeking quality education. Some of the countries are a bit off the “beaten track.”

Online 1-on-1 fair is a great way to establish the initial contact with students.

How will you promote the Fair in so waste territories?

We engage visitors (i.e. students, candidates) via targeted and separate marketing channels. The promotional strategy mix consists of a comprehensive collection of social media, professional publications, printed and electronic, student portals and other outlets where universities and agents promote their programs.

Will online fairs replace "physical" fairs?

We do not believe that technology will replace physical fairs and the face-to-face experience among individuals. Direct, interpersonal communication is the ultimate form of human interaction.

Three important values of online student recruitment fairs are:

  • Initial engagement, interaction with new candidates for the first time
  • Recruitment of students from far/flung places, off the typical “beaten track”
  • Recruitment of candidates whose busy professional lifestyle prevents them from taking proper care of their careers
I am a student looking for college information. Why should I visit the Online 1-on-1 fair?

Even today when all the info can be found on the internet, we hear from frustrated students that it is frequently difficult to get the right info quickly. Nothing does beat live chat with a person “who knows”. Add lack of time and a busy professional and private schedule to this and you get stuck. There is no other opportunity to find the best possible program, all at one place and all at the time when it is convenient for you. And, the best of all, you do not need to travel. Just log on from your office, home, car or train and chat with world-renown colleges and business schools.