What do we do for you?


Our aim is to provide recruiters with high quality students for their university.

By organizing 1-on-1 online meetings representatives of universities are able to talk to 100% pre-screened candidates.

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How does it work?


  • Virtual stand that is easy to setup and decorate
  • Upload your program info, brochures, video, testimonials, other marcom materials
  • Live video chat from any of your devices, anywhere you are
  • Select time that you wish to be available for chat
  • Choose candidates that fit your “ideal” profile
  • Access all visitors information

Why Online 1-on-1?


Apply for this online event and get best value for price you pay.

  • No travel
  • No hotel
  • No time waste

No additional expenses!

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About online platform


  • Over 1.5 million visitors served
  • 50 exhibitors on average in 9 online events
  • In use in EU since 2013
  • Platform info VirtualValley

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86% of participants connect over smart-phones (vFairs Official Website, 2016)

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