About us

Online 1-on-1 Fair is the only online college (student) recruitment fair in the world that enables recruiters and agents to engage potential students that have been 100% pre-selected. At the present time, we cover the exciting regions of Eastern Europe (including ex-USSR and Turkey) and South America.


The fair was launched in April 2018 as a direct response to the recruiters demands as indicated in a Survey of college & student recruiters. Namely, In October 2017 we surveyed 827 recruiters, majority of whom were from North America and Europe, with over a half (65%) from the US and UK (Survey Results link). We learned that for an online fair to be successful, it has to meet 2 important requirements: (1) it has to be technically flawless and (2) it should not waste recruiters’ time but to help them engage only candidates that fit their “ideal” candidate profile. These findings directed our efforts and investment into the development of a recruitment fair that is both online (virtual) and enables direct, face-to face (1-on-1) interaction between a recruiter and a potential student that meets the recruiter’s requirements.


At the present time, online1on1fair.com is the only recruitment tool that helps student recruiters and education agents engage new students at zero travel and hotel costs and without any waste of time.


Participating in online1on1fair.com fair, recruiters get the best of the physical 1-on-1 education fair, but with ease, convenience and at a fraction of cost. Potential students can review college and business school offerings (like in a physical fair) and schedule text and/or video chats with recruiters to talk details, specials and anything else they could not find on the net.


Initially, online 1-on-1 fair will focus on Eastern Europe (incl. ex-USSR and Turkey) and South America. We believe that the selected territories are both underserved by international recruiters and are home to a fair number of candidates seeking quality education. Some of the countries are a bit off the “beaten track,” thus ideal for exploring with a cost-effective solution like the online1on1fair.com.


We believe that Online 1-on-1 fair is a great way to establish the initial contact with students, especially in underserved territories.


Online1on1fair.com is an ideal recruitment tool for a busy college/MBA recruiter or education agent wishing to:

  • Establish initial contact with prospective students/candidates,
  • Explore new territories, some “off the beaten track” without wasting precious budget and time on travel,
  • Engage potential education agents and partners,
  • Establish and/or build your school’s brand in the territories,
  • Maintain student engagement that is so important in case of longer sales cycle situations.