About us

Oivivio Consulting Services LLC is the leading niche event organizer and consultancy in specific regions. We specialize in selected markets like education and college recruitment, management and career consultancy, anti-aging and longevity medicine and coffee, tea and hot beverage promotion. We leverage our international executive business experience, management and leadership skills, and hands-on knowledge of SEE marketplace to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Since our founding in 2002, our motto was that “We succeed only if our clients, customers and partners accomplish their objectives and maximize their ROIs.”


The solution that Oivivio is now proud to present to you is the Online 1 on 1 fair. While widely used in the US, virtual fairs are gaining traction now here in Europe. And Oivivio is the first to introduce virtual platform to recruitment in specific regions. Recruiters get the best from the physical fair, but with ease, convenience and at a fraction of cost. Potential students can review college and business school offerings (like in a physical fair) and schedule text and/or video chats with recruiters to talk details, specials and anything else they could not find on the stand.